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I'll warn you up front. This blog is picture intensive and I do not use lj-cuts.

Katherine Stock
19 May
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I use Gnu Image Manipulation Program (the GIMP) and Photoshop CS-5 to post process photos, both my own and others. I also use the GIMP to create my own original art with no source photos.
Personally, I am a fan of True Blood, the Twilight movies, Firefly, Being Human (are you starting to see a trend here? LOL!)
I read a lot. I think Kim Antieau and Kim Harrison are my favorite authors, but I read just about anything and everything.
My political leanings are liberal.
My religious views are slanted toward Paganism, but without the "fluffy bunny" overtones.
I have a motorcycle that I named the Puppy. He can't keep up with the old dogs, but he's a lot of fun to play with!
I live in a suburb of Portland, Oregon, although I was California born and raised and will always be a California Girl in my heart. (Yeah, I like Katy Perry's song, too!) My household consists of me, my partner, an elderly Border Collie named Suzy and 2 black cats named Mochi and Zuul.

Oh, and I'm a survivor. I had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, which simply means 'breast cancer'. Surviving cancer is a walk in the park compared to trying to survive cancer *treatment*! I had surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, with all the attendant side effects, including nutropenia (low white blood cells) one week and anemia (low red blood cells) the next! Stone knives and bearskins, I'm telling you! I'm just glad that's over. When I reach 5 years (August 1, 2011), I'm going to have a Phoenix tattooed on my chest.

That's a whole lot of "I"s. I think I'm done. If you want or need to know anything else, I'm on Facebook, too. :-)

Katherine Stock

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